Let’s get my first clients..

Your first step and validate your first 6 VIP customers in your first 30 days. I challenge you to do them in 6 days, you know what they say? Success loves speed!

What is a VIP Client / Retail Client?
CVIP = VIP Client
DT = Distributor

The VIP Client program is the way for Clients to receive Distributor prices without becoming a Distributor. Most companies offer discounts to people who join the team but we want to offer these discounts to our customers too, and reward them for taking care of their health and well-being!

So how does our CVIP program work?
There are 2 ways to become CVIP and receive 40-70% reduction for life.
1 - The person pays 62nd member fees and orders when he wants. No annual fees, and discounts are for life.
2 - The most common way! The person does what is called a 90 day challenge.

She orders at least 1 product per month during her first 3 months and in this case no need to pay the member fees!
- She can change products from one month to another
- Change the sending date
- No minimum in € required.
- Just at least 1 product and a minimum of 25 BV (not an accessory)

IN ADDITION, the person with a pool of vouchers on all their orders is called "Points Perks".
1 point perks = 1 euro voucher. It's like a cashback system that she can use to buy other products.

When we make 6 VIP customers in our first 30 days we earn $ 150 in FREE products !!
IN ADDITION All the 2 loyal customers you will have access to:
- 1 box of 4 reshaping or facial treatments at € 38 which we sell for € 120
- 1 bag of 15 sachets of Keto Coffee at € 44 instead of € 74 with the possibility of reselling € 5 per sachet
- 1 bag of 30 sachets of Keto Energie at € 36 instead of € 51
Not to mention the fact that you validate yourself FAST START = Bonuses of € 138 unlimited each Thursday when you support your teams to succeed!
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